The Top Five.......habits of our sheep

1. Shouting.......for no reason what so ever! Well nothing that I can work out. I'm not just talking the odd "baa" but full blown shouting to each other or at something. Our sheep love to voice their opinion. It can mean "I'm off to have a look at another bit of the field", "oh look, someone is walking past", "FOOD" and so on. 9 times out of 10 there isn't any food or anything of any interest but they feel the need to tell EVERYONE in village, if not further.

2. Sticking their heads through the fencing.......according to our sheep, the grass really is greener on the other side. Even if they have just been put on fresh lush grass. If that fails to satisfy, then they will climb their front feet up the wire to reach for over hanging leaves. All leading to broken fencing or forgetting how to get their head out of the wire having just got it in there. They will make you walk all the way across the field before they suddenly remember how to pull their head out. We have one or two who are repeat offenders of this and are often in my bad books.

3. Disliking the weather......I am as yet to work out the optimum weather for sheep, not that we ever get any lengthy spells of the same weather. Too hot, they are grumpy, too wet, they are grumpy! You get the idea I'm sure.

4. Team move.......If one goes they all go. That is the general rule our sheep follow when being moved. The only thing is at times one (or all) forget to engage the herd's brain cell, see something else that looks a better option and they are off! In some cases, the sheep will be moved from one meadow to another straight through a gate. For some reason there is always one who suddenly, despite seeing all the others before her having done it, forgets where they are going or how to run through the GREAT GAP IN THE FENCE! I don't know what happens at that point when the sheep forgets what is happening but it seems to happen more often than not.

5. Always expect more.......I am sure this is the general rule with all our animals, but sheep have a great way of tricking the mind to make you think they have nothing. Even if there is a field full of grass and buckets full of water, there is always something else they seem to think they need or want that they might be missing out on.

The joys of being a sheep farmer, always expect the unexpected!